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August 3, 2023

Après avoir testé et aimé les câbles RCA et HP de la série ORANGE, Audiophile Fr nous livre un banc d'essai détaillé du câble Secteur Power ORANGE.


March 19, 2023

Bravo en tout cas pour le niveau de performance des câbles Luna Mauves : ils constituent juste une superbe affaire au prix où ils sont proposés, avec une mention toute particulière pour les câbles HP et les câbles de modulation asymétriques !

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Dec 15, 2022


"the sounds became more vivid, three-dimensional, deeper and full."

-Gris series

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Nov 2, 2022

''Dès lors, ces câbles constituent des valeurs sûres sur le plan purement émotionnel sur lesquels nous pourrons compter pour faire chanter un système HI-FI bien « ficelé ».''


June 15, 2022

Luna Cables Gris Speaker Cables.

''I would like to applaud this audio company that values ​​CSR and ESG''


June 6, 2021

"Orange speakers impresses with it's timbreand vividness, making music come alive, pulsating with energy in an undisturbed rhythm."


May 18, 2022

Luna Cables Gris Power

"It's not like other cables, it gives a pleasant impression as soon as it is plugged in''


April 4, 2022

Luna Cables Rouge XLR

''The Rouge Balance Cable sounds as striking as its exterior color''


March 1, 2021 

''The Canadian set offers sound that is “round”, but at the same time very vivid and open. The foreground is close to us, it is even brought closer, so that is why it is worth confronting the sound with our expectations. For those who are looking for it, it may be the Holy Grail. ''

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February 15, 2021 (Polish)

Kanadyjski zestaw oferuje dźwięk z jednej strony „okrągły”, a z drugiej bardzo żywy i otwarty. Pierwszy plan jest blisko nas, jest wręcz przybliżany, dlatego warto skonfrontować to brzmienie e swoimi oczekiwaniami. Dla tych, którzy tego właśnie szukają to może być Święty Graal. ■ 


February 15, 2021 (Polish)

"The gentlemen from the country of the maple leaf are able to make the experience of listening to music more pleasant."

-Jacek Pazio


January 27, 2020

"Shimering with a mood and beauty of sound"


January 21, 2020

''We tested the power cord from the Gris series of the Canadian manufacturer Luna Cables, which provides exceptionally good sound for its price.''

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December 24, 2019

''Canadian RCA Luna Cables Gris Interconnects are unique cables in the quality / price ratio. Outstanding...''


November 11, 2019

''I knew I was about to hear something familiar, and something that I would truly like.''

 -Marc Phillips

  Part Time Audiophile


May 28, 2019

''A beautiful dynamic, strong and fast bass, and very natural timbres!''

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January 16, 2019

''This power cable can turn out to be the last link that has a significant impact on the character of the sound of the refined system and help you squeeze out all the best from it.''


March 31, 2018

''Avec les câbles luna Mauve qui équipent ma chaîne haute-fidélité, je peux goûter littéralement cette musique envoûtante qui invite à la détente, voire à la méditation. Malgré l’âge honorable de cet enregistrement, le piano est d’une présence incroyable!''

-Michel Dallaire 

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July 26, 2016

Art Dudley Listening #164: Luna Cables

Excellent in-depth article by Art Dudley about Luna Cables and its products. He writes: "I heard a difference so startlingly apparent that I laughed aloud—as did Danny Labrecque, whom I then chided for committing the unpardonable sin of messing with my head (though the verb I used was not messing)."

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