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Jean Leloup

''Les fils- XLR qui ont transporté le son en voyage sont les best et ont été créés et fabriqués manuellement par Câbles Luna.''

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Alex Sergerie

Slamm Audio

Montreal, Canada

Bobby O'Malley



Montreal, Canada 

Broadcast Media

Après un peu plus d'un mois avec mes ponts mauves, j'ai non seulement remarqué un son plus doux et ''naturel'' mais aussi une meilleure séparation des hautes et basses fréquences, un son plus détaillé et avec une plus grande ''présence''.

''Ca replace les choses''. VRAIMENTS !

-Claude B.







Grâce à Câbles Luna, mon système de son me donne un rendu sonore d’une qualité que je n’aurais jamais cru entendre. Je redécouvre le rendu de ma musique classique, une nouvelle approche musicale empreinte de transparence, des instruments et des voix qui sont naturelles, riches et sans agressivité. Et c’est le cas pour tous les genres musicaux : rock, folk, etc. J’ADORE! Sans fatigue auditive et avec une dimension sonore tellement réaliste, je n’écoute plus un système de son ; j’écoute simplement de la musique! Merci à toute l’équipe de Câbles Luna. Un vrai retour aux sources.


René D.






-La sonorité est devenue plus transparente. Les basses étaient plus fermes et définies et les médiums ont démontré une ouverture très agréable. Les hautes fréquences se sont également révélées être plus soyeuses. Tout ça (ou bien: Commencer la phrase avec: Le tout dans une tonalité globale organique, naturelle et surtout très musicale. 


Les câbles Luna Gris m’ont vraiment redonné le goût d’écouter de la musique à nouveau.


Bravo et longue vie à Luna Cables! 


Mario G.

Ville de québec





Je suis surpris d’entendre la différence qui est évidente par l’utilisation des câbles Luna. Initialement j’étais septique que des fils d’interconnexion ou d’enceinte acoustique changeraient de façon si évidente le son déjà très raffiné de mon ensemble audio. 

Étonnamment la différence entre les câbles Luna s’écoute ont distinguent des notes qui prennent vie selon la couleur du câble choisi.  Les câbles que j’utilisais depuis une dizaine d’années étaient reconnus comme de bons câbles haut de gamme. 

 Même le câble d’alimentation mauve entre l’amplificateur ainsi que le processeur et la prise mural a changé l’écoute en permettant un son plus pur. L’utilisation de câble rouge entre l’amplificateur et l’enceinte a vraiment élargi et augmenté les notes de la musique tous styles confondus.  Comme moi si vous pensez que rien ne changera par un ensemble de fils haut de gamme je vous conseille de procéder à l’écoute de votre ensemble audio en utilisant des câbles Luna le seul regret que vous aurez sera de ne pas les avoir utilisés avant.   


(Ste-Adèle, Qc)




Soundstage is wider and deeper. The LUNA Red jumpers have given the speakers a very pleasing sound, almost as if you were attending a live concert.  The Luna jumpers seemed to have opened up my speakers on  a whole new level .



The true test for me was some of the time my wife was in the room with me listening but she was not aware of which cables were being used. She would be looking at her laptop and every time a Luna Cable was used she would look up and say, "whatever cable you just switched to is better, the difference is undeniable." There's not much more I can add to that.



(British Columbia)





The Luna mauve sounds LARGE. All instruments and stage sound bigger, closer, than any other interconnects I have used in my system. The bass seems unlocked, and goes to lower registers effortlessly. When hearing piano, all the tones are more apparent. Piano sustain is also great. Stringed instruments jump out for acoustic music. Very dynamic. 








Even with just the past few days of listening, I can already tell that your "Red" jumpers have made a huge, audible improvement to the sound in my home theatre system! Awesome, simply awesome! The sound opens up immensely, with definition and umph! I like "life" in my music/sound. I may not know how to describe it, but by my book, the highest praise is when I can be absorbed into the music, and not consciously think about the components or the cables or connections. That's what I have been doing since the "Red" jumpers were installed to my B&W 803 Diamonds.




This morning I'm listening to the great Emil Gilels on lp playing Beethoven piano sonatas; I know the recording and I know Gilels' sound having been fortunate to have heard him in Carnegie Hall when I was young.  There's drama coming from my speakers that I hadn't heard before. I've replaced the very fine power cord feeding my line level preamp with my new, less costly Orange AC and I must say that I'm really, really happy. Firstly, backgrounds are so quiet; even the 3 toroidal transformers in the power module are almost silent, which is nice though their mild hum did not affect listening.  There's more space between instruments, massed orchestral strings sound much more like the real thing.  I could go on.


(New York)





My first impressions are that they should be considered absolute necessities for those of us with Shindo gear.



(New Jersey)





Got some Luna cables for my Spectral and I was amazed. Just like Dudley I could not believe how much the power cord improved the listening experience:

"I heard a difference so startlingly apparent that I laughed aloud—as did Danny Labrecque, whom I then chided for committing the unpardonable sin of messing with my head (though the verb I used was not messing)."

Same exact reaction, just try it, Luna is a game changer for me.








They replaced much more expensive cables and brought so much more musicality into my system. At the end of the day, listening to music is now even more enjoyable. 







Yesterday the Orange cables arrived. Very nice!

I only had them running for two hours, but already can say that I’m very satisfied.

They open up the sound and give me a very nice space/soundstage too.

I also like the look of the cables, somehow a bit old fashioned like myself.

So, thank you for all and merci for the Swiss plug.


- Casper






Am also trusting my ears and of course my wallet but the Luna Cables were a great addition to my system. They have created in my system a much larger sound stage with much more detail and a sense that the music is more "live" which I particularly affection... there also seems to have a cumulative effect as I started with the Mauve speaker cables (replacing AU24) and right away it was a great improvement.  Then I had 2 power cables (pre-amp/amp) and I could see even more improvements. I have changed a couple of interconnects and that with all the other made it sound really really good.  Been buying cables for years  and I must admit I now like the way my system sounds. I like that the Luna are about rendering the music neutrally which is something I look for. But this is personal, so try them out to see if you like them or not if you are in for it!  I did and I don’t regret it one second!



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