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Luna Cables is located in the Eastern Townships of Québec, a region known for its agritourism and artisan producers of wine and cheese.
Our headquarters, workshops, and listening room are situated in an old 19th century farmhouse, wich sits on 74 acres of land nestled between Lake Memphrémagog and a working maple farm.


Music has been an integral part of my life since I began playing the violin at the age of four. I soon discovered that my fascination with sound and music extended beyond the art itself and into the technical aspects of high performance audio.  My inquisitive nature would lead me to conceive and produce my own designs for various playback systems; namely turntables, speakers, and cables. 
I was fortunate to land my first job in a high-fi store owned by Claude Chartier, who gave me the trust and freedom to build my own unique cables for our clients. This helped pave the way for me to really get familiar with various materials and techniques. One day, I had the opportunity to listen to some old audio conductors salvaged from a vintage radio unit I came across and the sound was a revelation. Over the course of several years, through extensive testing and research, I discovered the factors responsible for making those vintage designs so special.
After discussing these ideas with Erik Fortier, my co-partner, we decided to apply our years of experience working together in hi-fi audio, to create a new venture called Luna Cables.  


I began my career in the industry working in one of Montreal's legendary hi-fi stores — Audio Centre — back in 1996.  I had the pleasure of familiarizing myself with some of the best and most respected brands and equipment of the industry, and was later responsible for managing the high-end department. A special thanks to John Banks who gave me the chance to prove myself.
It was later that I met Danny, while working together in a new hi-fi store. We had great chemistry over the years, and I was always impressed with his extensive knowledge of equipment, not to mention his good ears!
In 2015 I left Montreal for Québec City, the old capital, around the same time that Danny first asked me to listen to his newest cable prototypes. There was no doubt in my mind that this product was special — it was perfect timing for the two of us to dive into a new project together. 
At Luna Cables I take care of everything behind the scenes: sales and marketing; customer service; conceiving and managing parts and packaging; website upkeep; promotion; trade show preparation; communications; and so much more. Although Luna Cables is a new company, launched in 2015, it h
as garnered an impressive reputation for itself in such a short time and I'm excited about what we will accomplish in the years to come. 




The core of our cables consists of tinned copper conductors with cotton insulation made to our unique specifications. Utilizing  a traditional braiding process developed before the age of plastics, a layer of waxed cotton is applied to our conductors as dielectric (electrical insulation). It is a method that has stood the test of time despite the higher production costs, compared to conventional contemporary techniques. Our exclusive Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) conductors are the foundation of our entire lineup.


As an electrical signal travels through a conductor it produces micro-vibrations. Conventional dielectric materials found on today's market – such as Teflon, PVC, Polyethylene and rigid polymers – vibrate along with the conductors, ultimately compromising the original audio signal. To avoid these distortions, cotton is our material of choice. The inherent properties of woven natural fibers stay quiet and help to control incoming airborne energy. Keeping sonic disturbances at bay allows reproduced music to sound open, natural, transparent, and holographic. We believe these auditory attributes are worth preserving. 



We use noble materials and natural fibres such as tinned copper, cotton, silk and other eco-friendly materials. This produces a more natural, accurate, and holographic sound while simultaneously keeping unwanted resonances to a minimum. We believe these sonic attributes are worth preserving, and because natural fibres are an eco-friendly choice, we help to preserve the environment, too.


Our 100% unbleached cotton canvas re-usable bags make a perfect choice for eco-conscious packaging. They are made locally, right here in Quebec, which means fossil fuels used for transportation are kept to an absolute minimum.


As we continue to grow as a company we are mindful that bigger is not better if our growth causes harm to ecological and human systems. As we plan for the long-term success of our business, we commit to prioritizing sustainable practices in place of a ‘profit-at-all-costs’ approach.  


Whether the impact is big or small, how a business operates can affect individuals and communities. We understand the importance  of maintaining and improving relationships with our colleagues, customers, and the industry as a whole. 


Having worked as sales representatives ourselves, we treat our dealers with fairness, respect, and appreciation; we are committed to transparency, accountability, and honesty in all our interactions with others; whenever possible, we prioritize purchasing supplies from other small local businesses. With very few exceptions, almost all of our suppliers are located in Quebec, Canada or North America.



Chief  Designer

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Project Manager at Luna Cables


Sales & Marketing

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This website is a representation of our most popular products. We can build almost any cable suitable for your recording  studio, home theatre, stereo system, DJ station and headphone set. If the cable or the type of connector you are looking for is not on the website, simply make a request to your local dealer or contact us directly to confirm the availability.   

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