Luna Rouge Interconnect cables are made with our top-of-the-line New Old Stock (NOS) tinned copper conductors and are insulated with a special dielectric of rubber, silk, and cotton.  They are also shielded with a tinned copper braid, allowing them to be used on SUT and turntables without interference. Outer jackets are made of cotton for their excellent flexibility and supplemental resonance minimizing qualities. Luna Rouge speaker cables, also shielded, benefit from a more complex architecture, using 4  Luna Cables Neo-Vintage multi-strand conductors per polarity. Our new aluminium block provides long term durability and controls the resonance of the cable. 


Luna Rouge builds on the attributes of the Mauve but provides even more depth, realism and detail. 

HiFi Knights

''With the right music and companions, this red specimen is easily potent enough to squeeze the tears out of every eye, this I’m sure of.''

-David Grzyb

LUNA CABLES 18 Ch. Patterson, Austin, Quebec, J0B 1B0                                    
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