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I just wanted to thank you for the consultation in early December and subsequent purchase of this Mauve ethernet digital cable.

After about a week of breaking in I am gradually realizing the qualities this interconnect brings to my streaming playback. Subtle yet remarkable are the adjectives that come to mind.

Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2023,

Victoria, BC









I started by swapping in just the speaker cables, and my first reaction was "Wow!"  I was already prepared to like them, given everything I've read, but I found it hard to believe just how natural they sound.  Instruments and voices have more body, details no longer "pop out" from the mix but rather blend organically with the musical flow, and some of the harshness I associate with certain digital recordings disappears without the top-end seeming the least bit rolled off.  I could already feel myself relaxing more while listening to my favorite albums.


After a couple of hours, I then swapped in a pair of your interconnects between my Marantz Ruby SACD player and my Moonriver 404 integrated amp, and all of the above impressions were magnified a bit more.  To say that I am impressed would be an understatement at this point. 


(Michigan, USA)







Good morning Erik,


The Mauve and Rouge cables get better with each listen. I’m amazed on how much they opened up the system yet maintain the warm, organic, natural sound. Each listen brings the musicians in the room. 


The soundstage is large, vivid, warm, and musical. There’s detail from each note played and the sustain from the piano and other instruments are amazing. There’s no listening fatigue at all just pure music presented in its natural state. 


Thank you again for recommending the Mauve and Rouge. Thank you for all the hard work you and Danny put into your products. Priceless !



(Tennessee, USA)







I'm wildly excited about Luna. Never heard any cables that sound so natural, organic and musical. Luna is something very special. The Rouge series are the best cables I've ever heard.









I received the cables this morning. I hooked up the power cable and I truly have to say I have never been more impressed with a power cord in my life. I have owned very very very expensive products from ------- as well as ------- and nothing has ever sounded so detailed and musical at the same time. I replaced my very expensive ---------- with the mauve in my system just disappeared and it was suddenly as if there were real instruments and real performers right there in front of me. Complete with the tonality and texture that music should have.


(Edmonton, Canada)






The Mauve jumpers and Rouge interconnects are in the system - they are playing as I type this and I’m smiling like a Cheshire Cat. 

I’m speechless at the difference these made, especially the Mauve jumpers. WOW !

 The Rouge has added details and warmth to the phono front end like no other ic I’ve heard. Stunning! And to think it’s not even broken in yet. They’re so musical, organic and warm. A joy to listen to. 

Again, I can’t say enough about the difference the Mauve jumpers made. I’m already thinking about the Mauve speaker cables oh my that would be audio heaven!


Thank you and Danny again for the expedited service. You guys are the best.




Thank you Danny and Erik for having created Luna Cables and congratulations on the excellence of your products!

As a musician and an audiophile, I can say that is it a sheer delight to listen to music through these cables. I find the sound natural, open and incredibly coherent. It is rare to find cables that are as tonally and rhythmically accurate as the Luna’s – they breathe music and emotions. The overall effect is completely engaging and I encourage any music lover to give them a listen – you will be happy that you did!

Highly recommended and addictive!




Hi Erik,


First of all, thank you for the ultra speedy delivery! Your little bags and the logo look so appealing! Great design I must admit. Just spent 20 minutes with Luna Gris and already I feel the change, for good obviously. Definitely need more time with it but no doubt it elevates Susvara over the stock cable.









Last night the cable arrived and I decided to

start with it on my Lindemann MusicBook25 streamer. My initial impression is that each recording is allowed even more room to be what it is. Among the recordings I listened to nothing sounded the same. From one recording to the next the acoustic bass now sounds unique to an even greater degree. Perhaps I am closer to the live event.


Thank you,










Hi Erik,

The Luna Rouge speaker cables arrived safely here in Leipzig/Germany about 10 days ago and they are developing great. I had the chance to compare them to the Orange and the Mauve and it was interesting to "observe" how the stage grew from cable to cable, how each instrument gets more space and how more and more details come to the surface. In the beginning the Mauve seemed to be more harmonic, but after some listening hours also the Rouge developed into this direction.

As I mentioned, I listen with a Kondo Overture amp and Graham Audio LS 5/5 speakers.  Graham recommends a bit more powerful amps for the LS 5/5 but up to now it worked quite well with the Overture. With the Luna Rouge Speaker cables now the system seems to be more complete, respectively the speakers sound more complete in a very positive way. There is nothing missing anymore. 










Your DC power cable is doing beautiful things to my streaming/digital playback. I'm simply using the cable to connect a linear power supply to a JCAT USB card (Femto) - I'm using a multi-purpose desktop pc with a dedicated SSD for local files, and Roon/Tidal for streaming. It already sounded very nice and the Orange cable has done what your other power cables do in my system. It does seem like the effect is more pronounced in this case - maybe because it's at the source, and the USB card is crucial to the overall sound quality. Either way - well worth the cost.

Thank you again,








Once I started to play music with my new Luna Noir cables, my thinking on the value of cables changed.  Immediately my ears heard dense tone, greater silence underpinning the music, greater clarity with small cues emerging within the music, but done with great coherence and ease.  My whole body relaxed and I was immersed in the musical event.  I then took notice that the soundstage was further delineated and the music took on a very tactile, more real feel for me.  I was amazed by the transformation that my system took on, regardless of the music being played.  For me, the Noir cables are the end game when it comes to cables.  You and Danny are to be congratulated for these special products.  Luna Noir is all about delivering an immersive, emotional experience for music enthusiasts, but without the artificial hype and voodoo science that other manufacturers offer. 

I will provide future updates as I continue to break in the cables.  Thank you for creating these products and bringing them to the market.  I have spent a lot of money over the years on gear and speakers, always searching for the next upgrade.  For me, Luna Noir defines the value of signal conductors and your craftsmanship and materials work beautifully for my listening experience.  It does not get any better than this.

Best regards,







We connected the Air Tight Pre and Power amps and the turntable with the Luna Orange and that was it. Music was flowing through the room, timing was right, the wobbling bass was gone. I got my first goosebumps. Everybody in the room enjoyed the Performance. 

It's funny how easy a Luna Orange can perform in an 100.000 Euro Setup. 







The orange RCA and speaker cables are the best upgrade to my modest system since upgrading the phono stage.

There is a greater sense of air, scale and openness with these cables.



(New Zealand)




Recently I have upgraded my SUT from my *** to the Luna Rouge SUT. My analog set-up consists of Brinkmann Oasis TT, Graham Phantom Supreme tonearm, JSD 6 Gold cartridge and Brinkmann Edison II phono preamp (With HRS damping plate). 

The first thing that “jumped to my ears” is that SUT Red has an amazingly low noise floor. This increases the depth which creates the illusion of no wall boundary behind the speakers and enhances the feeling that the music is being created in the room as opposed to from the speakers. This also results in increased low-level details; I could hear small sounds on the tracks I played that I just had not heard before. 

The frequency response appears to be very flat such that nothing is enhanced at the expense of others. It also “follows” the music so well, rendering little subtle details with accuracy against a pitch-black background and controlling the big dynamic peaks with an iron grip such that they are delivered without smearing or exaggeration, just natural sounding.  The *** in comparison had shrill upper mids and a heavy (slow) bottom.

Overall, the music is very organic, there is meat on the bones and very natural sounding, leading to an unprecedented realism in reproduction. 








Thanks to Luna Cables, my sound system delivers a quality I never thought possible. I can enjoy the incredible sound production of my classical music, a new transparent musical approach, instruments and voices that are natural, rich, and not aggressive. And that is true for every musical genre: rock, folk, etc. I LOVE IT! I don’t experience auditory fatigue and sounds are so true. I don’t listen to my sound system anymore; I simply listen to music! Thank you to the entire team at Luna Cables for taking me back to the basics.

-René D.






-I was looking forward for testing and confirming my observations. The Luna Gris is a unique cable, it's making a big impact and at the same time the sound stay natural and real.  End of cable search. It is strange that such simple constructions can do so much!








-I just hooked up your cables, still totally new and yet these are the most organic cables I’ve had in my stereo. The music isn’t ‘thrown’ at you, rather it ‘flows’. Wow!






Soundstage is wider and deeper. The LUNA Red jumpers have given the speakers a very pleasing sound, almost as if you were attending a live concert.  The Luna jumpers seemed to have opened up my speakers on  a whole new level .



The true test for me was some of the time my wife was in the room with me listening but she was not aware of which cables were being used. She would be looking at her laptop and every time a Luna Cable was used she would look up and say, "whatever cable you just switched to is better, the difference is undeniable." There's not much more I can add to that.



(British Columbia)





The Luna mauve sounds LARGE. All instruments and stage sound bigger, closer, than any other interconnects I have used in my system. The bass seems unlocked, and goes to lower registers effortlessly. When hearing piano, all the tones are more apparent. Piano sustain is also great. Stringed instruments jump out for acoustic music. Very dynamic. 








Even with just the past few days of listening, I can already tell that your "Red" jumpers have made a huge, audible improvement to the sound in my home theatre system! Awesome, simply awesome! The sound opens up immensely, with definition and umph! I like "life" in my music/sound. I may not know how to describe it, but by my book, the highest praise is when I can be absorbed into the music, and not consciously think about the components or the cables or connections. That's what I have been doing since the "Red" jumpers were installed to my B&W 803 Diamonds.




This morning I'm listening to the great Emil Gilels on lp playing Beethoven piano sonatas; I know the recording and I know Gilels' sound having been fortunate to have heard him in Carnegie Hall when I was young.  There's drama coming from my speakers that I hadn't heard before. I've replaced the very fine power cord feeding my line level preamp with my new, less costly Orange AC and I must say that I'm really, really happy. Firstly, backgrounds are so quiet; even the 3 toroidal transformers in the power module are almost silent, which is nice though their mild hum did not affect listening.  There's more space between instruments, massed orchestral strings sound much more like the real thing.  I could go on.


(New York)





My first impressions are that they should be considered absolute necessities for those of us with Shindo gear.



(New Jersey)





Got some Luna cables for my Spectral and I was amazed. Just like Dudley I could not believe how much the power cord improved the listening experience:

"I heard a difference so startlingly apparent that I laughed aloud—as did Danny Labrecque, whom I then chided for committing the unpardonable sin of messing with my head (though the verb I used was not messing)."

Same exact reaction, just try it, Luna is a game changer for me.








They replaced much more expensive cables and brought so much more musicality into my system. At the end of the day, listening to music is now even more enjoyable. 







Yesterday the Orange cables arrived. Very nice!

I only had them running for two hours, but already can say that I’m very satisfied.

They open up the sound and give me a very nice space/soundstage too.

I also like the look of the cables, somehow a bit old fashioned like myself.

So, thank you for all and merci for the Swiss plug.


- Casper






Am also trusting my ears and of course my wallet but the Luna Cables were a great addition to my system. They have created in my system a much larger sound stage with much more detail and a sense that the music is more "live" which I particularly affection... there also seems to have a cumulative effect as I started with the Mauve speaker cables (replacing AU24) and right away it was a great improvement.  Then I had 2 power cables (pre-amp/amp) and I could see even more improvements. I have changed a couple of interconnects and that with all the other made it sound really really good.  Been buying cables for years  and I must admit I now like the way my system sounds. I like that the Luna are about rendering the music neutrally which is something I look for. But this is personal, so try them out to see if you like them or not if you are in for it!  I did and I don’t regret it one second!



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