Luna Rouge SUT                           

Rouge SUT


Designed and built by Luna Cables in Canada the Luna Rouge SUT provides a holographic sound, rendering complex warm tones and rich timbres with a most detailed, natural, and musical flow. This SUT allows your MC cartridge to express itself in a way that most active MC stages can only hint at.  

The stereo-mono switch is useful for cartridge set-up and allows the listener to enjoy their entire vinyl collection as they want it.


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The design of the Rouge SUT serves to maximize the potential of an outstanding vintage transformer. Built in the 50s and 60s these transformers are becoming increasingly rare. Luna Cables has stock-piled them to make the Rouge SUT available for many years to come.  The transformers are encased in solid mahogany and walnut, then triple shielded with copper.


The chassis and the bottom plate are carved out of a thick and solid aluminum block and lined with copper. This process provides an excellent isolation against the environment.


Some select vintage components are considered as the 'Holy Grail' in the audio industry. One example is the original production Western Electric 300B vacuum tube. The transformers used in our Rouge SUTs were built long ago, with unique techniques and materials that are superior to what we can find on the market today. Because we are a small company we can allow ourselves to be quite selective, offering our clientele sonic qualities that are superior to anything in current production. These transformers are encased in a combination of mahogany and walnut, chosen after many hours of listening and inspired by guitar construction. 


  • 20 gauge conductors (those that are used in our Rouge Interconnect cables).

  • 3 Ohm primary

  • 1.65k Ohm secondary

  • 1:20 ratio

  • W-125mm D-100mm H-70.4mm

  • 1.3kg

Orange SUT

Greater resolution allows for a more elaborate soundstage, with accurate placement of instruments not only left-to-right, but front-to-back as well. The step-up transformer is a necessary tool in the quest for the best sound using a moving coil cartridge. 




Through the manipulation of impedance, our Orange SUT will add gain without noise or grain.  When compared to active head amps, it delivers lower distortion, particularly in higher frequencies, allowing for a richer and more refined sound.  


Our dye cast aluminum chassis are lined with copper, providing an excellent isolation against the environment. A hi/low ratio switch allows for compatibility with a wide range of cartridges.  A stereo/mono switch is also included.  


  • 20 gauge conductors (those that are used in our Rouge Interconnect cables)

  • 4.8 Ohms primary 

  • 820 Ohms secondary

  • 1:13 - 1:26 ratio

  • W-119.5mm D-120mm H-42.1mm

  • 476g

Analog Grand Prix 2020

Luna Cables is deeply honoured to receive the 2020 Grand Prix award from Japan’s leading audio magazine, ''Analog'' for our Red Step-Up Transformer. A special thanks to our distributor Mr. Eiji Asahi of Eilex Corporation for his continued support and to all the music lovers in Japan who have chosen to bring our products into their homes.

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