The New Luna Rouge SUT                           

Our new Luna Rouge moving coil step up transformer is the result of many years of research and development. The triple-shielded chassis is built from a single extruded aluminum block to provide stability. Within the chassis the transformers are encased in both solid walnut and mahogany tonewoods.


The stereo-mono switch is not only useful for cartridge set-up, but also allows the listener to enjoy their entire vinyl collection as they want it.


The Luna Rouge SUT provides a holographic sound, rendering complex warm tones and rich timbres with a most detailed, natural, and musical flow. This SUT allows your MC cartridge to express itself in a way that most active MC stages can only hint at.  


Designed and built by Luna Cables in Canada.

Capital AudioFest 2019


”Despite my high expectations, I was unprepared for the bold performance delivered by the RED SUT. Richer, more fully realized tone and timbre - more muscle and blood - more fine and hidden detail than I’ve experienced previously. RED delves deep into performers’ technique and intent - their very humanity. It will change you as a listener.”


-David Cope

Old Forge Marketing

  • selectable hi/low ratio for wider compatibility of 1:13 - 1:26

  • switch for selecting mono or stereo output

  • resonance-optimized diecast chassis 

  • handmade in Canada 

Through the manipulation of impedance, the Luna Cables Orange Step-Up transformer will add gain without noise or grain.  When compared to active head amps, it delivers lower distortion, particularly in higher frequencies, allowing for a richer and more refined sound. Greater resolution allows for a more elaborate soundstage, with accurate placement of instruments not only left-to-right, but front-to-back as well. The step-up transformer is a necessary tool in the quest for the best sound using a moving coil cartridge. 

Luna Orange SUT

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