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Our custom-made Luna Cables Neo-Vintage waxed cotton tinned copper conductors are made to our unique specifications, manufactured in vintage braiding equipment that produces conductors just as they were made long ago, before the age of plastics. These LCNV conductors are used throughout our cable lines. From braiding the conductors, soldering the connectors, and completing all the finishing touches, each cable is hand-built by the designer Danny Labrecque himself. This ensures the highest standard for quality performance.



The outer jacket of each of our cables is made of unbleached and hand-dyed 100% cotton, chosen for its flexibility and supplemental damping of resonance. For the colors, we prepares the cotton by dyeing the fabric. The high heat, along with careful and constant motion, allows for an even distribution of pigment throughout the entire length of fabric.  See more on Facebook > 

Luna Cables
18 chemin Patterson
Austin, Québec
J0B 1B0  Canada

This website is a representation of our most popular products. We can build almost any cable suitable for your recording  studio, home theatre, stereo system, DJ station and headphone set. If the cable or the type of connector you are looking for is not on the website, simply make a request to your local dealer or contact us directly to confirm the availability.   

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