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An award-winning Canadian audio company with an eye on sustainability, Luna Cables boasts a wide range of high-end cables featuring custom-made Neo-Vintage conductors.
Launched in 2015 Luna Cables has already made quite an impression on the hi-end audio stage, garnering several awards and praise from audiophile aficionados and musicians alike. 


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The core of our cables consists of tinned copper conductors with cotton insulation made to our unique specifications. Utilizing  a traditional braiding process developed before the age of plastics, a layer of waxed cotton is applied to our conductors as dielectric (electrical insulation). It is a method that has stood the test of time despite the higher production costs, compared to conventional contemporary techniques. Our exclusive Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) conductors are the foundation of our entire lineup.


As an electrical signal travels through a conductor it produces micro-vibrations. Conventional dielectric materials found on today's market – such as Teflon, PVC, Polyethylene and rigid polymers – vibrate along with the conductors, ultimately compromising the original audio signal. To avoid these distortions, cotton is our material of choice. The inherent properties of woven natural fibers stay quiet and help to control incoming airborne energy. Keeping sonic disturbances at bay allows reproduced music to sound open, natural, transparent, and holographic. We believe these auditory attributes are worth preserving. 



We prioritize locally sourced materials and craftspeople whenever possible in order to reduce carbon emissions, the primary driver of climate change.

From our cable components to our reusable canvas packaging, almost all of our suppliers are located in Quebec, Canada  or North America.


Our reusable canvas bags  are made right here in Québec, so that fossil fuels and carbon emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. We encourage you to give your Luna Cables canvas bags a new life for other practical uses.

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Dec 15, 2022      -Gris series

"The sounds became more vivid, three-dimensional, deeper and full." 


Our custom-made Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) waxed cotton tinned copper conductors are made to our unique specifications, manufactured in vintage braiding equipment that produces conductors just as they were made long ago, before the age of plastics. These LCNV conductors are used throughout our cable lines. From braiding the conductors, soldering the connectors, and completing all the finishing touches, each cable is hand-built by the designer Danny Labrecque himself. This ensures the highest standard for quality performance.




I started by swapping in just the speaker cables, and my first reaction was "Wow!"  I was already prepared to like them, given everything I've read, but I found it hard to believe just how natural they sound.  Instruments and voices have more body, details no longer "pop out" from the mix but rather blend organically with the musical flow, and some of the harshness I associate with certain digital recordings disappears without the top-end seeming the least bit rolled off.  I could already feel myself relaxing more while listening to my favorite albums.


After a couple of hours, I then swapped in a pair of your interconnects between my Marantz Ruby SACD player and my Moonriver 404 integrated amp, and all of the above impressions were magnified a bit more.  To say that I am impressed would be an understatement at this point. 


(Michigan, USA)



Luna Cables Design Studio
Austin, Quebec, Canada

Luna Cables Workshop
5425 avenue Casgrain (suite 210) 
Montreal, Quebec
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