Luna Orange USB is comprised of four waxed cotton 22 gauge Neo-Vintage LCNV tinned copper conductors chosen for their performance and long-term durability. A shield is applied to the DC signal for better insulation and an extra tinned copper braid shield is applied all around them. Outside jackets are made of cotton for their excellent flexibility and resonance minimizing qualities. Each conductor is soldered by hand for a better contact and better performance. The Orange USB cable is available from type A to type B or C connector.


The Orange RCA-BNC & AES/EBU digital cables are comprised of our 22 gauge Luna Cables Neo-Vintage LCNV waxed cotton braid tinned copper conductors. Shielded with a tinned copper braid, it allow them to be used without interference from outside electromagnetic noise. Outer jackets are made of cotton for their excellent flexibility and resonance minimizing qualities.

Luna interconnects also add subtle detail and elaborate sound stage.



*This website is a representation of our most popular products. We can build almost any cable suitable for your recording  studio, home theatre, stereo system, DJ station and headphone set. If the cable and/or the type of connector you are looking for is not on the website, simply make a request to your local dealer or contact us directly to confirm the availability.   

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