Luna Noir is our company’s current reference cable. It's a synthesis of everything we have learned over the years and it achieves the purest form of musicality. Our Luna Noir interconnect, like the Luna Rouge, uses our top-of-the-line New Old Stock (NOS) tinned copper conductors, along with a complementary conductor that is not used in any of our other cables. The Luna Noir speaker cable relies on complex architecture, using 8 Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) multi-strand conductors per polarity. Our new aluminium block provides long term durability and controls the resonance of the cable. 


Luna Noir's sound pushes the boundaries of the listening experience to a new level, rendering complex details and deep timbres with the utmost finesse and ease.

Magazine TED

May 19, 2019

''A beautiful dynamic, strong and fast bass, and very natural timbres!''

-Mario Poirier

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