Headphone Cable 

Custom made

Our headphone cable is made for all brands available on the market. We'll put the right connectors for you on both ends. Simply order by mentioning the brand of headsets you carry and we will adapt the cable for you. A extension cord and a 6.35mm to 2.5mm adaptor are also available. 


The Luna headphone cable is made from two Neo-Vintage cables that run straight from the connector to the headset. That way we eliminate the ''Y" joint that can significantly reduce the performance of your favourite device, and also provide long-term durability. 


Our custom-made Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) tinned copper conductors are made to our unique specifications: manufactured in vintage braiding equipment that produces conductors just as they were made long ago, before the age of plastics. A unique concept, our cotton jacket is covered with a special textile to make the cable more resistant - and also more elegant. 

LUNA CABLES, 18 Ch. Patterson, Austin, Quebec, J0B 1B0                   514-622-8966
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