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Le câble d’interconnexion RCA Luna Gris est composé d’un conducteur LCNV de calibre 24 par polarité. Un blindage tressé en cuivre étamé est employé pour réduire les radiofréquences et minimiser les interactions électromagnétiques. Ces câbles peuvent être utilisés sans interférence avec letransformateur élévateur (SUT) ou une platine.


NEW FOR 2023


For the past few years, Luna Cables is working on a project to improve our outside jacket. A brand new finish that is more durable and easier to clean.

We came to the conclusion that It as to be a new and unique flexible textile to avoid using pre-made jackets founded on today's market that compromise the sonic attribute of our cables but also can rise dramatically our ecological footprint. 

We are excited to announce the realization of those new jackets by teaming up with a local company who specialized in the making of hockey skates laces. They are now dyeing and braiding, just for us, a new type of soft, durable, flexible and recyclable textile with our five original colors. The cables are now more durable and easier to clean without any compromised on the

Luna Cables sonic attributes.

Making the jacket entirely here in Canada also improve our ecological footprint by minimizing transportation of parts and components to a minimum.

Note that you have to look closely to notice a change. So there is no need to sell your courant inventory or floor demos in a rush. Our (LCNV) Luna Cables Neo-Vintage conductors inside the cables are still the important feature of our design and this locally made new textile is certainly a good add-on to the Luna Cables story. 


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