Luna Cables in Montreal

February 11, 2020

Your Montréal Audiofest is celebrating  33 years...

The Montréal Audiofest will be celebrating music from Quebec during its 2020 edition from March 27th to 29th at the Bonaventure Hotel, which has just received a refreshing facelift.

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Luna Cables in Japan for 2020

January 21, 2020

David Cope and Old Forge Audio | CAF 2019

November 01, 2019

 ''I knew I was about to hear something familiar, and something that I would truly like.''

-Marc Phillips 

 Part Time Audiophile

Luna Cables October and November Audio Shows

October 03, 2019

From Toronto to Washington, DC and passing through Zurich-Regensdorf, Luna Cables is on the road for the next two months to present our line up in different cities. Come and visit us wherever you are on the globe. More audio shows will be announced very soon. 

Woodlands Grange National Audio Show

September 16, 2019

This is going to be very interesting and compact system. We are putting together complete #Grandinote stack with excellent #K320 transmission line speakers from Jess' portfolio. It is a middle model in an offer and it performed sensationally good during the last time edition. We kept our eye on it since, hence we got this teamwork.

Old Forge Marketing, David Cope, and Luna Cables of Canada | RMAF 2019

September 14, 2019

 David described, the sound differences as such: “There was more detail but not in an all-singing, all-dancing, jazz-hands-in-your-face kind of way. It was more ‘Hey, there’s more to this harmonic structure’ than I’ve been hearing over the last two years.” to which he continued, “It was more power and more flavor right out of the box.”

The annual South German Hi-Fi show with our new partner Axiss Europe

September 04, 2019

Luna Cables is proud to be part of the annual South German Hi-Fi show with our new partner Axiss Europe for the first time. Have fun Jörg! Come and visit us this weekend in room 28.

Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 10:00AM - 4:00PM

NDHT Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage Verwaltungs UG
Ivonne Borchert-Lima
Bramfelder Chaussee 332
22175 Hamburg

Old Forge Marketing and Luna Cables

July 23, 2019

Luna Cables is proud to have David Cope from old forge marketing representing us for the California Audio Show. 

Luna Cables is proud to have G-Point Audio representing us for the UK. North West Audio Show Cranage Hall (De Vere Cranage Estate), Cheshire, 29-30 June 2019

June 20, 2019

Time to announce another premiere, this time it is going to be a new cables range. We already announced it once the website and via social media, but now it is a time for an official launch of the brand in the UK. Ladies & Gentlemen , please say HELLO to Canadian #LunaCables. The company which manufactures by hand one of the best cables we came across, not only do it with a class and style, but also with the full respect to the natural resources putting ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS on the pedestal. All production is organic, All packaging is organic and fully recyclable, All cottons used for the build are dyed with the natural colourants which are not making any pollution to the nature. Taking Luna Cables on board, as well as few other products we are going to talk louder about very soon, opens a New Chapter in #GpointAudio operation which we are calling for now Green Division and it is going to be more visible and promoted shortly. So, stay tuned and for now join us at launch to touch, sniff and listen to the Luna Cables ;) or even make a purchase ..

Part-Time Audiophile

May 29, 2019

Nice show report for those who didn't have the chance to see our room in Munich. Thank you to our partners: Thöress, Tedeska, Ictra, Merrill & Williams and acoustic manufacture.

Jean Leloup with Luna Cables

May 16, 2019

We are so pleased that Luna Cables were chosen for the recording of L’Étrange Pays – Jean Leloup’s newest album set to be released May 24th. One of Quebec’s greatest songwriters and performers of all time, Jean Leloup is known to choose his recording equipment very meticulously. All songs on this album were recorded live outdoors.

''Les fils- XLR qui ont transporté le son en voyage sont les best et ont été créés et fabriqués manuellement par Câbles Luna.''
-Jean Leloup

Grandinote & Luna Cables

May 09, 2019

The hifideluxe likes to offer exhibitors and visitors a best possible platform in a pleasant atmosphere for presenting technical news in best quality of the valuable hifi- and audio world. Come and visit us. 

Thöress and Luna Cables in Munich

May 09, 2019

Come and visit Luna Cables with Thöress this weekend in Munich.

Luna Cables at the Montreal Audio Fest 22-24 Mars 2019

February 10, 2019

Come and have fun with us under the Woodstock theme

Your Montréal audiofest is celebrating  32 years...

The Montreal Audio Fest will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Woodstock Fest during its 2019 edition 

Luna Cables in Stockholm

February 16, 2019

On the 16-17 of February, 2019 the High End show in Stockholm is being arranged for the 17:th year in a row. This annual High End event is currently the largest event in Sweden.

Interview with Danny Labrecque of Luna Cables at Montreal Audio Fest 2018

March 31, 2018

A quick interview with Danny Labrecque, co-founder and designer of Luna Cables. Luna Cables offers hand-build high end audio cables...

Luna Cables for the first time in Poland. ( Room JS: 401 )

November 15, 2018

Come visit us in Poland! AUDIO VIDEO SHOW is the 22nd edition this year. With nearly 200 exhibitors and 175 conference rooms, it is the second largest event of this type in Europe.

MONTREAL AUDIO FEST 2018 Art's First Day in Montreal, Art Dudley. 

March 24, 2018

Art's First Day in Montreal, Part 1 Art Dudley  

Mardi 6 novembre 2018 de 19 h 00 à 21 h 00 chez Audiophile Experts à Beloeil.

November 01, 2018

When knowledge and skills meet, the music makes real sense. In a relaxed environment and without commercial pressure, come and meet the Yamaha and Luna Cables representatives at this exceptional demonstration!

Toronto Audio Fest 2018

October 22, 2018

Thank you to all who came to the Toronto Audio Fest. Good fun and great music!
Special thanks to Yamaha Canada for all the support. 

Stereophile in Munich

May 17, 2018

On the next selection, the late Sandy Denny sounded similarly real and no less emotionally powerful: I was starting to cry, and it was only 10:30 in the morning!

Grandinote et Câbles Luna à Munich

April 28, 2018

 Câbles Luna est fier de s'associer avec Grandinote, un fabricant de premier plan. Venez nous visiter dans la pièce H1 A11.

Thoress & Luna à Munich

April 18, 2018

   Pour une deuxième année consécutive, Câbles Luna est fier de s'associer avec Thoress, un fabricant de premier plan. Venez nous visiter dans la pièce H2 F02-G03.

Une Nouveauté Mondiale

March 20, 2018

La suite des ''Audiofilles'' réuni sept femmes mélomanes qui ont pu concocter leur système de rêve grâce au support de Totem, Oracle, McIntosh, Vicoustic, Modulum, Dutailier et Câbles Luna. Elles nous offrent l'opportunité de briser le tabou que l'audio haut de gamme est une chasse gardé masculine. 

Merci Amélie, Camille, Karine, Julia, Julie Marie-Ève et Mélanie.

Salon Audio de Montreal 2018

March 19, 2018

     Pour une deuxième année consécutive, Câbles Luna est fier de s'associer avec Yamaha, le plus grand fabricant mondial d’une gamme complète d’instruments de musique et un fabricant de premier plan de produits audiovisuels. Venez nous visiter dans la pièce Fontaine C au Salon Audio de Montréal.

Yamaha Canada et Luna

April 01, 2017

Merci Yamaha Canada pour cette belle fin de semaine. La salle était magnifique!

Câbles Luna avec Yamaha

January 01, 2020

Câbles Luna est fier de s' associer avec Yamaha, le plus grand fabricant mondial d’une gamme complète d’instruments de musique et un fabricant de premier plan de produits audiovisuels. Venez nous visiter dans la pièce K5.

6Moons: TAVES 2016 Show Report

Glen Wagenknecht from 6Moons wrote this about the Luna Cables set up at TAVES 2016:  "Luna Cables were demonstrating the virtue of their cables in the Luna Cables/Phonographe room through a Falcon-branded variant of the beloved LS35A at $3'995 fed by $'2600 Line Magnetic 2161A electronics. Source consisted of an EMT TSD75 cartridge at $2'600 on a Kuzma Stabi/Stogi combination at a combined $4'898 (all Cdn pricing). The little system sang in proper British voice of old and listeners walked out much impressed by the efforts of exhibitors Danny Labrecque and Erik Fortier." 

Positive Feedback: TAVES 2016 Show Report

Malcolm J. Gomes of Positive Feedback: a Creative Forum for the Audio Arts, writes: "Given the hype that is omnipresent in the world of high-end audio, it was refreshing to meet the straight talking Danny Labrecque of Luna Cables. He had a full line of cables, which he demonstrated with Falcon Acoustics LS3-5a loudspeakers (C$4000), Line Magnetic amplifiers LM216IA (C$2500), and a Kuzma turntable (C$5000). Danny's cables use unbleached cotton as a dielectric for a dielectric constant of around 2. The cables were very reasonably priced and offered great value for money. Given the tiny loudspeakers, the sound in the room was surprisingly big. "

Enjoy the Music: TAVES 2016 Show Report

Rick Becker of Enjoy the Music writes: "It would have been easy to walk into this room, take a quick look around and walk out. The visual appearance was modest and mostly subtle. [...] The problem begins when you sit down and actually hear the music. You begin to ask yourself 'Why do I need anything more than this?'"

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