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Luna Cables Cleopatra Connection


While assembling a special team to document a highly-anticipated new hunt for Cleopatra's tomb, a Canadian and British co-production team contacted Montréal sound engineer Bobby O’Malley. And that's how the Luna Cables connection to this project began.

For a broadcast production of this magnitude, Bobby felt a cable upgrade was necessary. He decided to call Erik with three questions in mind: 1) Could Luna Cables provide a custom made microphone cable? 2) Could the materials be adapted to withstand the particularities of an archeological dig in challenging conditions and, crucially, not be microphonic? 3) Could this be done quickly? (The date of the flight to Egypt was rapidly approaching, and there was a tight deadline.) The answer to all three questions was yes. Luna Cables could, and would, deliver.

Danny got started. This would be an exclusive, custom-made creation – a departure from the signature Luna style of cotton-covered cables. It would need to be a more resilient cable; built with the same philosophy as its predecessors, but dressed up against the elements. The final product would be encased in a special lightweight braided sleeving, designed to reduce noise and eliminate moisture. The inner core of the cable would consist of tinned copper with cotton insulation, and a newly imagined design that would push boundaries and further elevate the sound experience. It would, naturally, need to be an experience fit for a queen.

Within days of receiving Danny’s latest work, Bobby called. He said it was the best microphone cable he’d ever heard. And there it was: confirmation of a job well done. Luna Cables was now confident the person who’d entrusted the company with this delicate task would be carrying a cable capable of delivering an outstanding performance, once he landed on Egyptian soil.

Luna Cables is proud to be connected to this compelling capture of sound. 

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